Happy Birthday

February 10, 2012

Posted in Marketing.

Birthday postcard

It’s my birthday today. And the blog turned four on Sunday. And most people love to celebrate their birthdays. Nowadays, it’s easy to leave a quick Facebook post wishing someone happy birthday. Or shoot an email or text message.

Even better? Send them real, physical, personal mail. Nonprofits have heard this before – snail mail is special because it’s increasingly rare and it gets noticed.

My wife, the camp director, started doing this when she became camp director six years ago. For each camper, she sends a birthday postcard with a personal message on the back. We hear from campers and parents alike how special it makes them feel. And particularly in the off-season, it reminds the campers about camp and they inevitably start looking forward to coming back this summer.

So happy birthday to me, to this blog, and to all you campers sitting at school/work and dreaming of summer.

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