To Print or Not to Print: the Annual Report

February 09, 2009

Posted in Fundraising and Marketing.

As we wrapped up design of our annual report today, it occurred to me that we could easily save our money and not print it out. What’s an annual report good for, anyway?

Sure, you can hand it out to donors or use it to help inform new volunteers or staff members… but is there anything you can do with the print piece that you can’t do electronically?

So today, we decided to cancel our print run and simply go PDF. The money we’re saving is, instead, being channelled into our marketing efforts to reach new campers. It freed up some funds to finally kick off a Google Adwords campaign.

Financial wisdom FTW.

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  1. Karlyn — February 10, 2009

    We’re putting ours on the web next year – actually got nasty comments for printing it this year. “Why are you wasting all that money!!!”

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