To Blog or Not to Blog?

November 03, 2008

Posted in Marketing.

When I started my NpTech 101 series, I figured I could lay out some of the basics of how technology could help non-profits. I would create a bunch of tutorials on stuff that people like me (a hyper-connected technophile) take for granted.

But there’s a line where you go from how do I do this? to should I do this?

Blogging is one of those “should I do this?” things. Blogging isn’t new. It’s not cutting-edge. There are millions of potential competitors to your blog, all fighting for attention.

A blog is simply a website where the primary content is organized by when it was posted. You can think of it like a diary, where you write entries in in chronological order.

If you think of a blog as a diary, ask yourself: why would anyone want to want to read my diary?

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