4 Strategic Planning Team Exercises

November 17, 2008

Posted in Management and Strategic Planning.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll resume strategic planning. We took a break to figure out some urgent issues, and like any intimidating task we found it all too easy to put it off for much longer. I’ll be posting more about our efforts as we go.

Exercise Your Optimism!

Anyway, as we get started I want to go through some group and individual exercises designed to get us all thinking, challenging the world around us, and feeling optimistic.

What would you do if we had $20 million dollars?

With money issues out of the way, what would we do? Borrowed from For Impact, this question lets you dream about what you could really accomplish. It’s important to bring this back to the real world and let your dreams and vision inform your decisions.

Share a Mission Moment

I want everyone to tell a story about why they are involved in Camp Fire – why they joined, something that kept them going, etc. I’ve mentioned the Mission Moment in earlier posts, too. It reminds you why you’re here and gives you the strength to keep going.

If we were successful, what would we look like?

What is the profile of a winning organization? Dream big! Write up the characteristics that make up such an organization. Circle the things you already do, and ask what you can do to be ever better at them. How you can aspire to the others?

What are we great at?

Pair off and have each group list things that your organization does well. List only good things, and be as comprehensive as possible. Then, bring the lists back to the group and share what you’ve come up with. Based in Appreciative Inquiry, this approach is the “opposite of problem solving.” Instead, it’s all about creating more of what works.

Any others?

Do you have any team exercises that you’d recommend? Have you tried the ideas here? Share ’em in the comments!

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