The Transition Curve for Non-Profits

October 05, 2008

Posted in Management.

The Transition Curve is the emotional roller coaster that entrepreneurs feel as they build their businesses.

Transition Curve (slide courtesy Cameron Herold

As soon as I read this article, I realized it was just as applicable to non-profits. No, it’s more applicable because our work has everything to do with emotion. We tell emotional stories to raise funds. We use emotion to keep going from day to day.

So non-profits don’t just experience the transition curve once. They experience it over and over and over. It’s part of non-profit life.

The Transition Curve for Non-Profits

The Transition Curve for Non-Profits - a continuous loop of ups and downs

And that’s ok. You just need to be prepared to get through the valleys. Those are the most important times to throw a thank you party and celebrate victories.

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