The Strategic Planning Glossary

September 14, 2008

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In my post Planning Your Strategic Planning, I set up the process for strategic planning. It’s a long process and there will be a lot of people involved, so it’s critical that everyone is speaking the same language.

We put together a glossary of terms for our planning process. Consistency and clarity pay off with shorter, more efficient, and more productive meetings. (Which is a good thing.)

There’s a whole lot of obvious going on here, but you have to remember that many people who will become involved in your strategic planning don’t have the same background. You can’t assume everyone knows all of this stuff.

Strategic Planning Glossary of Terms

Camp Fire USA River Bend Council
Camp Fire USA River Bend Council is an organization formed for enhancing the learning and enriching the lives of youths and families. As a council of the national Camp Fire USA organization, River Bend Council provides services on a local basis.
They define the specific policies and procedures that Camp Fire USA River Bend Council must follow in recording and reporting financial transactions. They are approved by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.
Refers to the Executive Director who administers Camp Fire USA River Bend Council’s day-to-day business.
The projected income and expenses for each year of operation of Camp Fire USA River Bend Council.
Consists of 9-21 volunteer unpaid members who are elected and are responsible for the policies of the Camp Fire USA River Bend Council corporation.
They define the requirements by which the Board of Directors will be elected and organize for conducting the business of the Camp Fire USA River Bend Council.
People who give their time, skills, efforts, material gifts and financial contributions to support Camp Fire USA River Bend Council.
People who are paid for their work at Camp Fire USA River Bend Council.
The administrator of Camp Fire USA River Bend Council and the Resident Agent of the corporation.
A Camp Fire-operated facility from which their services are provided.
GOALS (long term)
Specific long term accomplishments which serve as a yardstick for tracking performance and progress.
Certified Public Accounting firm that Camp Fire USA River Bend Council contracts with to annually audit their accounting records.
Registered youth and adults who participate in Camp Fire USA River Bend Council programs.
The purpose for which an organization exists and what it does, and where it is headed.
A non-profit organization is a group organization for purposes other than generating profit and in which no part of the organization’s income is distributed to its members, directors or officers.
OBJECTIVES (short term)
These represent the organization’s near term performance targets.
These are specific action plans designed to achieve specific results on set time scales by the designated portions(s) of the organization.
A temporary committee created by the President of the Board of Directors to work on a specific corporation task or issue.
Includes all of the employees of Camp Fire USA River Bend Council except for the Administration.
They include all parties who have some stake in the organization’s successful operation of their organization. The primary stakeholders include the Board of Directors, Administration, employees, members, and the entire community of St. Joseph County.
These Board of Directors Committees are established by the Camp Fire USA River Bend Council By-Laws which include: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Social Events Committee, Marketing Committee, and Fundraising Committee.
A statement outlining an organization’s mission and future direction, near term and long term performance targets, and strategy in light of the organization’s external and internal situation.
It is the pattern of organizational moves and managerial approaches used to achieve organizational targeted outcomes and to pursue the organization’s mission.
These represent our philosophy of conducting business and the relationships that we strive to maintain with our stakeholders.
Description of the corporation/business as it is projected to be in five years.

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