Nptech 101: Web Hosting

September 28, 2008

Posted in Technology.

A website needs a place to live. When people go to your site, the site’s files are on a server somewhere. There’s a lot that goes with that – bandwidth, storage, FTP access, databases, security, and more. Basically, you can’t do this on your own.

Web Hosting Service

Hosting is cheap. There are plenty of companies that offer everything you want and more. They can take care of your email, provide space for backups, etc.

I’m going to write about one hosting company, Dreamhost. I’ve used several companies. Dreamhost isn’t perfect, but it’s what I use now for the vast majority of my projects, including Their one-click installs have made it so easy to set up a blog or get a website running that hosting has become one of those utilities I stop worrying about.

But the biggest reason I’m writing about them is that Dreamhost offers free web hosting for non-profits.

Disclosure: If you use this link and pay for service, I get a referral fee. It doesn’t cost you anything, but I get a referral bonus (which goes toward my own paid account). Sign up for Dreamhost

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