Non-Profit Technology 101

September 21, 2008

Posted in Technology.

How can technology make non-profit life easier?

Technology brings the promise of efficiency, increased production, reduced time, better service, improved quality, and so on.

Does it deliver?

Not really. That’s because technology also carries costs: training, support, reworking your processes, and so on. Plus, technology changes at such a pace that you simply can’t keep up.

So it’s not worth the hassle?

Of course it is. The key is finding the right technologies and using them in the right ways. So I’m here to help point you in the right direction. Think of me as the caring father who runs alongside your bicycle before letting go and hoping you don’t crash into that mailbox.

I’ll cover the basics and I’ll show you some neat tricks. We’ll talk about free hosting offers for non-profits and how to start a blog. How to use Google Docs for a collaborative workspace. How feeds can arm you with the latest and greatest from the web. How cheap (or even free!) online services can help you with accounting, marketing, and fundraising.

So hang around – the first post (it’s on domain names) is going up Monday morning.

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