Entrepreneur.com talks about strategy pitfalls

July 12, 2008

Posted in Strategic Planning.

Some good points from Entrepreneur.com on Why Strategy Fails:

As a thing, a vision, a direction, everyone in the company owns strategy. As an action, it requires specific people to carry it out within the organization. Lack of such involvement is one of the major predictors of strategy failure.

This is an incomplete idea—even the idea of “flawless execution” assumes there’s a target everyone is aiming toward. When is the last time you saw that level of alignment in any business, regardless of size?

Great decisions can be made by teams. But sometimes when decisions are made by teams without broader review, feedback is missed or fails to take into account cross-functional understanding. That person in sales may just hold the key as to how you can better engage the channel. Build in time for review, but make sure you’re looking for targeted input. This isn’t a consensus-building exercise.

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