Donors are people, too

June 14, 2008

Posted in Fundraising.

NonProfit Times shares some tips from a conference presentation about how to raise the first $100,000.

A couple of the tips:

  • Fundraising from people is asking for money and is not a quick fix, but it is dependable and renewable, is internally controlled and provides multiple sources.
  • 76 percent of fundraised money in 2006 came from individuals, according to Giving USA.
  • Big money comes from individuals who are asked.
  • Getting money from individuals? Begin with the board, then membership dues, annual donations, major gifts and special events.

Notice something? They talk about fundraising from individuals, not corporations or foundations. That is, most gifts come from people. If you think about your donors as human beings, with varying backgrounds, interests, and motivations, you will begin to understand how giving works. Donations are not transactions, they are the culmination of a positive, two-way relationship between an organization and a person.

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