Treat Donors Right

May 22, 2008

Posted in General.

From FundRaising Success comes the article, Treat your best donors right

A couple of gems:

…that’s what a lot of fundraisers do: They hand-pick the donors who are most responsive to their fundraising programs — and put them in a radically different program. And it’s probably costing them significant revenue.

[Major donors] give more money. Duh. But this fact should inform what you ask them for. Are you asking folks who routinely write you checks for $500 to give you $20? If you are, you’re not only leaving money on the table, you’re saying loud and clear, “We don’t really know you!”

They are a more valuable asset to your organization. It helps to approach them with investment thinking. The dollars you spend on them can trigger a much better return.

They get more personal touches, like thank-you phone calls or handwritten cards, birthday cards, special reports on your work, invitations to see your work firsthand, and other appreciative touches.

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