Non-Profit Manifesto

May 11, 2008

Posted in General and Management.

Non Profit Manifesto

This isn’t a long, rambling manifesto. This isn’t a thou shalt not type of manifesto. It’s a Hugh MacLeod-style manifesto, one specifically for non-profit organizations. As a typically verbose, rambling moron, I really enjoy the challenge of saying a lot with little.

  • Your mission is what you’re here to do, your raison d’etre.
  • Your vision is where you’re going.
  • Your strategy is how you’ll get there.
  • Be able to describe your mission, your vision, and your strategy in short, succinct statements that everyone can understand.
  • Non-profit life is hard, but you’re not a beggar. Ask for money but don’t apologize for doing good works.
  • Fee for service is the non-profit equivalent of revenue; companies can’t survive without charging for their products.
  • If your customers cannot pay for the services, find people to pay for them.
  • Donors are investors – they seek a return on their investment.
  • Show how much you do with the few resources you have.
  • The right time to ask a donor for money is when you’ve shown that the last donation was used well.
  • Always say thank you.
  • Tell a story in everything you do.
  • Try to be the best at something.
  • You might make more money in the business world, but you can make more of a difference in a non-profit.
  • Remember your mission, your vision, and your strategy.

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