How to Fix Everything

May 27, 2008

Posted in General and Management.

When we face seemingly insurmountable odds, it is easy to seek a silver bullet to magically solve your problems. We see this in desperate fundraising appeals to wealthy donors, last ditch (and very expensive!) advertising campaigns, and so on.

There is no silver bullet.

Sure, you might win the heart of some fantastically rich and generous donor who bails you out. Of course your ad campaign might catch the right person at the right time and land you tons of clients.

Or you could buy a lottery ticket to pay your bills.

In the real world (where you live when you’re not working for your non-profit of choice), we know better. We save money and make frugal decisions. We build our resumes through hard work and incrementally successful projects. We take life slow and build on the results we’ve achieved.

Momentum takes a lot of work to build. It’s hard. It’s even harder to reverse it. So don’t think you can do it overnight, with a silver bullet that never was.

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